I stand for building a better world together

Yep, I know. That’s a freakin’ big grandiose statement that sounds a bit woo woo.

But, truth is. This is all a bit more serious than I might normally go for. It’s good stuff though. You’ll find out exactly what I’m about.

We can all play our own teeny tiny part for a better world. We can be kind. We can genuinely care about what behaviours and actions we put into the world.

We can choose to be a force for good.

And that’s what I choose.

People are everything

It’s not about me. It’s about people. Adding value to people’s lives. Caring. Making them feel special. Always putting them first. Connecting. Showing my human side in everything I do.

That’s why my favourite copywriting is conversational and tone of voice shines with personality. And why I give 50% of my smackaroonies (profit) to sponsor someone or a cause I love.

I stand for anti-oppression, equity and justice.

It’s in my blood. This isn’t just a 2020 moment. It’s a life-long deep commitment. One that’ll never stop until there’s radical change to the sh*tty systems that keep oppression and injustice going.

Every single human has the right to feel they belong and feel good about themselves. To feel and be valued, respected and heard.

It makes no difference if I’m in my personal world or my working life – I want all races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, religions, classes – to know and feel that I represent everyone. And I stand by my word.

Why I stand

I stand because I want to do my bit. To help solve the world’s injustices and inequities, its under-development and over-pollution.

I stand because I acknowledge my white privilege. I belong to a group that contributed and still contributes to the oppression of others. But I use my privilege to be actively anti-racist and to stand against oppression.

I stand and I speak out against discrimination. I challenge injustices, even when it’s uncomfortable. I won’t sit back when I see something unfair.

I recycle, I vote, I donate. I still need to do more *every*single*day*.

I want my actions, big and small, to make a real and lasting difference.

It goes beyond diversity and inclusion. I’m no big name wonder but as a wordslinger (copywriter) I get how words, not only move people, not only motivate them, but, have a huge impact on people. Words are powerful.


I am who I am

I live by the words of Maya Angelou: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.”

I’m simply myself. What you see is what you get.

My personal values drive me: honesty | humility | justice | joy (and kindness)

Honesty and humility are my top two ‘character strengths’ (VIA Survey). Closely followed by Bravery (speaking up even if there’s opposition) and Perseverance (I finish what I started).

My values keep me grounded. My success is not focussed on sales, money or numbers of social media followers. It’s about being curious and open-minded.

Finding new ways of thinking and new opportunities to spark creativity and innovation to expand my mind.

Ready to start a conversation?


I’m tell-it-how-it-is honest. I speak the truth.

Being honest is about staying true to myself. I’m all about keeping it real – being real. Being genuine, down to earth and unpretentious.

It means I do my best to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

My honesty and integrity are about doing the right thing. Ethical and inclusive.

When I’m writing your copy, your values and vision are at the forefront of your message. No trickery, hard sell or sleazy sales tactics.

Old school marketing uses manipulation, playing on your customers fears and problems. Over-marketed copy pushes us to part with our hard-earned cash. I won’t pull the wool over anyone’s eyes (deceiving them).


Humility is my strength.

Humility gets a bad rap. Seen as passive. That’s so far from reality.

I’m a humble being. I have compassion for humanity. I back the ‘underdog’.

I see you, hear you and accept you for who you are – the whole enchilada (everything).

I speak up – telling the difficult, uncomfortable truths to challenge the status quo. I speak out for others, particularly if they’re struggling.

Writing fab copy for your website, emails, whatever you want, is my jilly-joy. I’m super-grateful to work with you and have absolutely no desire to be in the spotlight. Working with great people keeps my world rocking.


I live and breathe social impact.

Whatever I’m doing, writing your words or creating your content, I want to you to feel the love when we work together.

Making a difference isn’t just activism and protests, it’s doing what you can, where you can. That might be:

  • write inclusive website words (I can help)
  • use positive images or illustrations so your customers see themselves
  • write a blog post about where you stand
  • speak out on socials.
  • Writing words loaded with personality is a great way to make a difference. I love writing for ethical brands with heart and soul to get their messages and stories to the world.

Joy (and Kindness)

I turn crappy content into happy content.

Joy is at the heart of happiness. And happiness comes from fun.

I love a bit (too often) of improper fun, way too honest banter and a dash of giddiness. But I won’t stand for humour at the expense of anyone else. Not ever.

Joy is accepting who I am. Feeling great when I’m kicking goals doing things I believe in (like writing kick-ass copy).

Laughing hard and dancing happy. And, eating tasty, moist, sticky cake… not always loaded with sugar.

I’m filled with positivity. I default to optimism and have a can-do attitude. I have a pair of rose-tinted glasses. Positive ways far outweigh negativity. There’s a ton of kindness and happiness in what I do for you. With a heavy dose of joy thrown in.

Be Kind. Be Happy.


Not for you?

I’m not everyone’s cuppa tea. And that’s fine. I stay true to myself and say how it is. That means I’ll weed out the folk who don’t agree with me. Or don’t like what I say or what I share. That’s OK. No hard feelings. Not my people.

I’m not perfect

I know it takes ongoing work to be anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive.

I’m always growing.

I know what feels right or wrong.

I make mistakes and I’m forever learning.

Language is ever evolving. I might muck up sometimes cos I ain’t perfect.

I continue to use inclusive language to contribute to a more equitable and just world.

My ethics never fade. They’re as predictable as me over-eating cake every chuffing weekend.

I stand with you

You’re doing good in the world. Values-driven. Authentic and empathetic.

Good on you. There’s increasing customer demand for brands making a social or environmental impact.

The right words can change hearts and minds on a grand scale.

I do ethical, inclusive copywriting for brands with heart and soul. Shout me if you need help.

Be real. Have fun.

I’d love to hear more about your values. What drives you?

Send me a message… Comments are turned off… too much spammy nonsense 🙂