Let’s talk about you and me


I love working with


You have the mindset and belief to achieve your vision. Your business makes a difference to the lives of others.

Rebellious warriors

You bend a few rules and think outside the box. You do things differently to achieve big things.

Creative curious thinkers

You’re always learning. Always creating. You’re curious. At the cutting edge and giving back.

Couragious go-getters

You stand up to be counted. You make change happen. You take risks to achieve.

Determined doers

You do the hard yakka so your business
can thrive. You have the determination
to keep on keeping on.
Any of these sound like you? Let’s get to know each other

Let’s work together

You’re the bees knees. The razzle-dazzle.

You’re a business doing good things. Living by your values. Changing things for the better.

Talk about your cool beans brand? Easy peasy.
Write about it. Make it clear, appealing and click-worthy. Fill it with personality. Not so simple.

Social change starts with powerful, inspirational words. While you’re being brilliant, creative and respectful, let me write words to connect you to your customers.

Everyone (yep, even your granny) googles everything.
Your customers are savvy sorts. They’ll back off double quick if your message is bull-dust.
You need words that halt wandering eyes and speak to hearts.

I’ll write crack-a-lacking content to get those cool customers splashing their cash. Swiping their cards. And declaring their undying loyalty to you.

my bag

I’m a slightly cheeky, conversational copywriter with a conscience.

I love using a splattering of playful words for social change.

My bag is keeping it real – down to earth.

You get words that sound like you. Ooozing with your personality.

It’s way more fun to read.

my values

My purpose is simple –

If you’re a business founded on sound values – I could just be the writer for you.

My personal values drive me:
honesty | humility | justice | joy (with kindness)

Sticking to my values no matter what makes working with me surprisingly wonderful.

We chose Cal as we wanted an ethical copywriter to write about the circular economy and her work was impeccable, her approach was very accurate and authentic and she managed to turn this content into a very interesting article for us, we will definitely recommend her work!
Daniela Sierra Toro

Marketing Coordinator, YTAO


Working with You

Every project is unique but here’s an idea of how we’ll work together

1. Scoping, quoting and locking it in

Before anything else, we’ll hang out for a chat. Check we’re a good fit to getting your copy on. If we’re a goer, I’ll send you a proposal and quote.

When you’re ready*, book me by accepting my proposal and paying 50% of the fee.

That’s it. We’re all locked in and ready to go.

* Dilly-dallying around undecided about using a copywriter? Every brand wanting to fly needs one. We’re skilled word-wonders. An essential part of the whole marketing mix.

2. Briefing, researching and writing

We talk again – for longer, way longer – all about your business. We chat about your branding.

I then delve deep to research your industry, topic and audience.

I write, edit and write more. I eat cake. I edit and write some more.

3. Reviewing and fine tuning

You read and comment. We might chat again.

I amend the copy, fine tune and tweak based on your feedback.

I send you a second draft (if needed). You make any final edits.

4. Happy dancing

You make the final payment. I make the final changes.

The final draft is then sent to a proofreading wizard for a fresh set of eyes.

After the magic is sprinkled, the FINAL version is sent to you. You sign it off.

We all feel warm and fuzzy. Do a happy dance. And eat more cake.

my street cred

I’ve set up social enterprises. Built a bunch of initiatives to nudge change. Created award-winning health and wellbeing programs. And led and managed umpteen initiatives with extraordinary communities full of incredible untapped talent.  
I’ve worked for Government (Health Promotion UK|Aus) for 28 years – that’s a lot of experience. 

I’m a Canberra Copywriter, graduate of several AWC writing courses
and a bona-fide member of Kate Toon’s Clever Copywriting School and graduate of the Recipe for SEO Success

I have a qualification in psychology,
a Bachelor’s Degree in Youth and Community work
and a Master’s Degree (MA) in Public Health Promotion.

Still want to know more about me?

Head this way for a sticky beak.

I acknowledge and celebrate that I live, work and play on the lands of the Ngunnawal people and the lands of the oldest living culture known to the world.

I honour this privilege and responsibility with respect, humility and curiosity. I appreciate the wisdom, diversity and innovation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of seeing and being, and their elders past and present. Always was. Always will be.

Diversity is a key part of our history, culture, and identity. I support work across the whole kit and caboodle of social impact. From humanity to the planet and everything in between. I stand with Black Lives Matter.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware this website may contain images or names of people who have passed away.