Copy not cutting

the mustard?

(not meeting your expectations)

Want blinging words that bang out a buzz
Wanna turn crappy content into happy content
Or refreshingly good copy to bring on cha-ching?
I can help you.

Not sure what copywriting services are?

All good. Neither does 99.9% of the planet.

It’s the words on your website, emails, online store (etc). Explaining what your business does, makes or sells.

Those words need to grab people the second, they enter your home website.

Make them smile. Relax in your vibe. Kick off their shoes. Kick back in your fave armchair with a slice of stodgy cake.

Copywriting services:

  • Website Copywriting (cracking website words)
  • Ecommerce Copywriting (selling snazzy stuff online)
  • Inclusive Copywriting (a freebie for you – bottom of the page)

Not sure what you need? Shout out and we’ll have a chat.

Heads up: I usually book out in advance. Bags your spot now.

“If you talk to a human in a language they understand, it goes to their head.

If you talk to them in their language, it goes to their heart.”

Nelson Mandela


SEO Copywriting

You’re not boring – your website shouldn’t be either

You need more than a pretty website and wishy-washy words to get your customers clicking your buttons.

Hook ‘em in baby. Your website is your brand story. Your emails keep ‘em keen.

You need your customers to get positive vibrations. Excited. A rock-solid I want you.

If one tiny thing doesn’t feel right, they’ll leave. Don’t let that happen.

Make every word count.

Website words

Whether you need a spruce up or a full facelift – giving pizzazz to your web words will show-off your services, products or cause. And sell your stuff.


3 pages | $1200 AUD
5 pages | $1800 AUD


  • In-depth chat to talk business (virtual)
  • Oodles of research
  • Website copy
  • SEO optimisation
  • No quibble amends (2 rounds if needed).
  • Free proofreading


Be SEO savvy

Supercharge your results. Websites rock the world the most when they include SEO. It keeps humans and the Google bods happy.

SEO Keyword Research – Starting from: $400 AUD

Want the whole kit and caboodle – I’ll do you a deal

About pages

About pages are my thing.


Is your about page bland, boring and full of flat baloney?

Crammed with stiff hyperbole, accolades, arbitrary facts and unmemorable musings only impresses your mum.


Hand it over. Let me fizz it up and add some sparkle with:


  • Splash of personality and energy
  • Strong shot of truth, reality and friendliness
  • Dash of values and something conversation-worthy
  • Shake it up with your story to bring your brand to life
  • Mix up with how you can help your customer, how you solve their problems and why you’re their awesome sauce.
  • Pour over ice and enjoy


$650 AUD
Approx. 400-500 words
Extras: Brand Story | Bios


Custom Copywriting

You’re unique and the likelihood is your requirements will be too.

Every copywriting project is different.

Be a soul rebel and design your own package.

Let me know what you need and we’ll take it from there.

Copy for just about anything

Contact me for an idea of prices.
No BS or hard sell. Just plain, realistic figures.

Sales pages

Attention-grabbing, informative, drool-worthy, detailed and converting all at the same time. Without a hint of sleaze.

Landing pages

Designed to do one thing. Just one job. Get. That. Email. Done with honest ethical copywriting.

Lead magnets

Offer a freebie full of personality to hook in new fans and followers.

Email sequences

Turn subscribers into customers with helpful, energetic emails.


E-commerce Copywriting

Guessing you want to sell more?

Are you looking to boost your online sales or sign-ups?

Tonnes of e-commerce businesses are doing good for the world. But no-one knows about them.

More and more Aussie shoppers buy from ethical purpose-driven brands.

People only know who to back or where to spend their money if they know about you. Get your gear on. Shout from the rooftops.


I work with conscious-driven e-commerce brands who want ethical marketing and honest selling.

Whether you’re the new kid in town selling online only. Or an old timer with a store on the street and an online presence needing a new zest of life. Maybe a wholesaler selling direct to customers online.


I can help with:

Product pages | descriptions

Category pages

Packaging words

Email marketing

About pages | Brand stories

Product Descriptions

Your super-power

Product descriptions need to have flair and form to help your products fly off the (virtual) shelves.

Wherever you’re selling your stuff (your website, Amazon, Etsy or other site).

Gripping headlines and clear, creative descriptions make all the difference between a customer buying your thing and moving on.

Helps your site rank better in search engines too.


I write perfectly put-together product descriptions packed with personality.

And compelling calls to action to encourage your customers to click, call, convert and come back.

Email Marketing

Your secret weapon

Smash your sales targets and bring in more buckaroos with email marketing.

Emails are a sure-fire way to grow your e-commerce store.

Enticing subject lines make people curious enough to open your emails. Entertaining, engaging emails encourage click-throughs.

It’s easy for recipients to hit delete. Stop that happening with breezy, connection-building, storytelling emails chock-full with character.


I write emails people want to read:

  • welcome emails
  • email newsletters
  • standalone emails
  • all sorts of email campaigns

Product Descriptions

10 x Product descriptions (up to 100 words each product) $750 AUD

Short, snappy and snazzy 

6 x Product descriptions (up to 300 words each product) $1200 AUD

Light up the benefits of your products

Email Packages

Emails come in all sorts of shapes and sizes


Contact me for a quote


To give you an idea:

3 x email sequence: $950 AUD

5 x email sequence: $1500 AUD

10 x marketing emails: $1500 AUD

Want something different? Let’s chat


Ethical and Inclusive Copywriting

Words for social conscience

Meaningful social change starts with powerful words. Words that inspire and transform people’s views and lives.

You need to be visible, stronger and louder to cut through the noise.


Blend social goodness into your words and content with ethical and inclusive copywriting.

You can do this by not only highlighting the benefits of your services or products but showing how they benefit socially responsible, justice and environmental causes.

Make all your customers happy lil bunnies

Make sure your words are talking to your customers. Even customers who don’t look or sound like you.


In such a diverse world, respectful, inclusive content helps you stand above the competition and find new customers.

Are your words in need of some inclusivity attention?

Step up your inclusivity game with a




Yep, I’ll need your email address (how else do I get it to you).

Fear not – I’ve no intention of spamming you. I might pop in every-now-and-then with some juicy tips or helpful random ramblings.


Lemme be straight – I could sell this but getting more inclusive words in the world is a much better outcome than me buying/eating more cake.

Help save me from myself, it’s yours for your email addy.

Too many words? Need editing? Maybe proofreading? I can do that too.

Running around like a headless chook?

Let me take some of the load to make your life easier and save you time.

I acknowledge and celebrate that I live, work and play on the lands of the Ngunnawal people and the lands of the oldest living culture known to the world.

I honour this privilege and responsibility with respect, humility and curiosity. I appreciate the wisdom, diversity and innovation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of seeing and being, and their elders past and present. Always was. Always will be.

Diversity is a key part of our history, culture, and identity. I support work across the whole kit and caboodle of social impact. From humanity to the planet and everything in between. I stand with Black Lives Matter.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware this website may contain images or names of people who have passed away.