You might be mistaken thinking Black Panther is just another super-hero movie. Oh no my friend. You’d be very wrong. It’s sooooo much more.

Black Panther is like no other Marvel movie. Yep, it’s a super-hero film, but more importantly, it’s ground-breaking celebration of Black culture. A wise, intelligent movie.

Fiction touching on real-world issues.

Every mood is in this film.

Inspiration, affirmation, truth talk, tough love or a good giggle. They tackle serious-ass subjects alongside a heavy dose of timely humour, wit, and action-packed entertainment.

Wondering what this has got to do with a Canberra Copywriter? This film fits my ethical copywriting style to a tee. Addressing real issues in an honest way, tackling oppression and injustice, all done with humour and style.

7 reasons why Black Panther is a top-dog movie:

1. Celebrates Black Lives

Black Panther was released at a time of increasing institutional racism and white supremacy. It fought back in a powerful way.

It challenges colonialism and institutional bias. Its narrative celebrates Black life perspectives and tradition, and the characters take bold digs at oppressors.

The film recognised and celebrates traditional and modern African society and deals with issues of race and identity in a timeless way.


2. Black Heroes

Ever noticed there’s a serious lack of fictional Black super-heroes out there?

In fact, there’re not enough positive representations of Black and First Nations communities on our screens – full stop.

Black Panther is different. It’s full of Black heroes. Both female and male heroes who are strong world leaders, intelligent, resilient, respectful and loyal.


3. Black Talent

Black Panther has an all-star collection of majority Black talent. From those behind the camera including Director, writers, head costume designer, hair designer and of course, the predominantly Black cast in front of the camera.

The film is chock-a-block with incredibly positive, powerful Black role models.

#Black Lives Matter.

It seems African-American storylines do generate massive profits from all audiences. You listening Hollywood.

4. Strong, Black and female

Black Panther shows the true strength and natural beauty of Black women. Standing up for themselves, wise, funny, courageous and independent. So true.

Women of Wakanda have powerful positions. The Dora Milaje are a dedicated, elite, all-female group of bodyguards to the Black Panther.

Warrior women working together with incredible strength and spirit. Badass and fierce yet kind, honest, considerate and extremely clever.  

Shame two of the warriors who have an openly lesbian relationship in the comics of Black Panther didn’t make the cut.


5. Set in Africa

Black Panther is set in Wakanda, a wealthy African country, an advanced nation untouched by colonialism. It’s a bustling metropolis with vibranium-powered skyscrapers and trains of the future.

This isn’t just a fantasy land. This is an African nation built on African realities, real places, real concepts, places full of culture, advancement, development and growth.

6. African dress

The costumes are stunning.

Inspired by Kenyan, Namibian, and South African references. Afrocentric clothing and patterns, e.g. dashikis and boubous. Natural hair styles and head wear. Reflecting the real diversity and history of African culture and identity.


7. Powerful History

The original Black Panther comics were born in the 1960s. At a time when the civil rights movement was rightfully increasing its demands of America.

Slavery had been abolished but discrimination and racism didn’t end. More than 50 years later, Black people are still waiting for justice.

Black Panther sees a world where Black people have a level playing field to white folk. It shines a bright light on the psychological scars of slavery’s legacy and how Black people experience the real-life consequences to the present day.

“The entire production was considered against a backdrop of a bigger Black cultural moment. We’re in a moment when people are feeling empowered about being Black.”

Camille Friend | Black Panther Hair Designer


8. Humour

I love to laugh. Black Panther gave spades of quick-witted humour. With Shuri (T’Challa’s sister) delivering the most hilarious lines with brilliance.


9. Soundtrack

The soundtrack gets your heart and fist a-pumping.

Ludwig Göransson, a Swedish composer, toured with Senegalese musician Baaba Maal, and recorded performances by Maal and other African musicians for the sound track.

Kendrick Lamar stole the show. Creating a whole album of songs to match the film’s “energy and raw emotions”.

All The Stars, with Sza. One of my all-time-top-tunes.

Small steps forward

Everyone should have the right to feel proud of, and celebrate, their culture and traditions. To have people who look like them, who inspire them to look up to.

These are all small steps, but steps in the right direction.

As a copywriter, a small business, there’s much to learn. You might go against the grain but standing up for what’s right is worth it.

Represent serious issues with wit and laughter – how I like my copywriting 🙂


The film is full of top class writing. Brilliant quotes.

Some funny, some poignant.

I’m not a film writer – but I am an ethical copywriter – based in Canberra, working across the globe. Writing words for websites, emails, e-commerce – anything that’s not sleazy or slimy.

Looking for a word woman? Feel free to contact me 🙂


Have you seen Black Panther? Let me know what your favorite line is.