“I can write a few words. It’s easy peasy lemon squeasy”…

Yep, you’re right. You can write words.


Can you write words that’ll grab the attention of your customers?

Can you write copy that’ll encourage your potential customers to sign up or buy your things?

Can you write words that’ll get your customers to do a happy dance after reading it?

Can you write copy free of spelling and grammar mistakes?

Can you write words incorporating mad SEO skills?

And, be honest. Do you really have time in your busy schedule to write?

Did you know that nowadays most of us have attention spans shorter than goldfish?

In case you missed that (picks up a megaphone) – we – have – shorter – attention – spans – than – goldfish.

Your website visitors need to see what you can do for them quick-smart.

Don’t tell them at the bottom of the page. Connect with them straightaway.

If you’re not sure how. Ask a copywriter.


Here are 7 benefits to hiring a copywriter:

1. Free your time to do what you do best.

Your business is your business. You know every little detail. All the nuances. That’s exactly how it should be.

You need to focus that expertise and enthusiasm on what you do best. And that probably isn’t spending hours getting the words just right.

In most cases, it makes better financial sense to hire a copywriter.

Good copywriters are skilled at getting to know the details of your business and writing about it in an unbiased way. They have the time and skills to write in a way that will appeal to your customers and win them over.

Copywriters (worth their salt) know the words to use to draw your customers in. They know the tips and tricks to make potential customers get that tingle of excitement when they buy your things.

In all honesty, copywriting is not just about the writing. It’s about research, planning, reading, walking away and eating cake, rethinking, more reading, more writing, re-writing, editing to reduce it (no-one reads waffle) and eventually proof-reading.

There’s a whole lot of unseen work that goes into getting the words just right and working well.

Then it’s over to you.

They pour their time, energy, heart and soul into writing engaging content. You can then go the whole nine yards with other stuff you need to do to make your business shine.

2. Copywriters create copy that gets results

Copywriters are the don of whipping up high-quality, fresh content to capture your readers’ attention.

They write all sorts of copy, from websites, blog posts, social media, video scripts, sales pages, emails, newsletters, brochures. You name it. Copywriters write it.

The reality is that pumping out consistent, new content can keep you on your toes. Recycling old content by tweaking an odd word a month or so later is unlikely to cut the mustard.

The truth is, big cheese copywriters are trained, skilled and have experience in writing copy. They stay up to date with copywriting trends and know their stuff.

They write with personality, have fun and produce content that’ll stand out from the crowd.

Anyone can write but not everyone can copywrite.

If writing isn’t your bag – why waste your time?

3. Copywriters sell your thangs

Copywriters are the moles of the content world. They dig deep to find all the information they can about your industry or niche. They find the details and learn about your competitors.

A good copywriter then turns this into rich, vibrant and persuasive copy that’ll excite your audience.

They get to know who you want to sell your stuff to (your target market). Conversational copywriters (like moi) will then write like you’re having a conversation with them. It’ll feel like you’re forming a connection.

If your readers feel good about that connection – they’ll want to buy from you. Boom!

Top Tip. Copywriters sell in a way that makes it feel authentic, not sleazy. Yes, you want to make sales. But you don’t want to become a used car salesman or smarmy advertising exec. That’s the quickest way to put your people off.

4. Copywriters speak Google

You probably want to be found on page one of a Google search.

You’re already there? Are you sure?

Don’t get caught out. Every time you search your business name, there you are sitting pretty at the top. Of-course you are! You’ve probably been on your business page a few times before. Google is watching (those pesky algorithms). They know what you’re looking for so they’ll pop it on page one for you.

But, and it’s a big Kim Kardashian-esque but(t). If your business runs baking classes in Timbuctoo and Ms Everyday Baker wants a learn how to make a flourless orange cake, she’ll google orange cake recipe or baking classes to make orange cake.

She won’t Google your business name if she doesn’t know you exist.

Google (or another search engine) will quickly search zillions of websites to find the best answer and will spit out tons of different results (websites that they think match the search query).

What’s the chances of your business being at the top of those results? Possibly slim to zero.

That’s where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in.

Google gets roughly 63,000 searches every second. Yep. Every second. It’s constantly throwing out answers to queries. There’ll be pages and pages of results. Usually, a few paid ads at the top with the rest being organic results.

Most people skim the first page of search results and usually choose one or two websites from the top. If they don’t see what they want, they’ll refine their query. (Baking classes for orange cake in Timbuctoo).

The reality is, there are so many results that Google could show. If your business website is buried on page 5, you probably ain’t getting noticed.

Don’t panic! Plenty of copywriters (like me) know all about SEO. They speak Google.

If you want a shot at it yourself, there’s oodles of tips, tricks, training, guides, you name it, all over the internet to learn SEO. (My vote? I’d start with Kate Toon’s SEO Nibbles (and it’s FREE)).

Top Tip. Don’t ask your Mum to Google a random question about your business to see if your website comes up. I’m guessing she’s looked at your site before? Google is too damn clever. It knows when people have looked at your site previously and will put your website near the top of the search results guessing that’s what you’re looking for.

If you really want to know where you rank, do an incognito search.

5. Copywriters can boost sales organically for free

Did you skim read no 4? This is related to that. Good ole SEO coming back again.

Boosting organically might sound like it’s about food or ethical grown products in the foothills of Byron. But, it’s actually about your business website getting better search engine results without paying a motza for Google ads.

It’s about you getting on page one ‘naturally’ because Google can see that what you provide is what viewers are looking for.

This happens when your web pages include the key (main) words (what’s a keyword?) that describe the content on your page. Alongside this, Google loves, and rewards, websites that keep their content fresh, original and updated for their customers.

Copywriters help you by writing compelling content that’s written for, and relevant to, real people. Your readers will love it. Google will love it. Win win.

Top Tip. Google ads are always on page one of search results. But, people are increasingly wary and often skip the ads anyway. They only work for some people.

6. Copywriters have their favourite things

Some copywriters focus on particular areas of writing or specialise on a topic. Others write pretty much anything, from clever blog posts, converting web pages, creative about pages, compelling emails. Find a writer that suits your need.

Here’re a couple of examples of what they do.

Blog posts are way more important than you may realise. They help increase your website traffic, get your name (and service or products) known, boost your sales or sign ups and show potential customers you really know your stuff.

But, it’s bloomin’ hard work constantly coming up with new ideas for blog posts and even harder to find time to research and write a long enough article (blog post) to make it mean something to your readers and the Google gods.

Well written blog posts can create many pieces of content including emails, social media, videos, infographics and can be refreshed in a year or two. Another Boom!

Your about page is the second most visited page on your website. Not only because we love a good sticky beak but because in today’s world, many of us want to buy from real people not a faceless business. We want to know if you’re genuine, do you really care about what you do. Your about page is a great way to connect with your readers.

Top Tip. There’re dozens of online marketplaces offering assembly line copywriting. They’re dirt cheap too. A teeny tiny warning though. You get what you pay for.

The writers are often inexperienced, skip research to really understand your topic and have limited understanding of SEO. In some cases, they may not write fluently in your language.

They’re low cost but likely to be low in bringing in the customers too.

7. Copywriters are way more value for money than you think

In most cases, an investment in good copywriting will easily pay for itself in the sales it generates. Possibly several times over.

I get it, if you’re a new business, paying for a copywriter can seem like an expensive gig up front. But just wait until your copywriter starts kicking ass and writing copy that you and your customers lurve.

Copywriters worth their money will use all the strategies, tactics and techniques they know to create great content. It’s a critical part of the whole marketing mix. Take all that into account, and spending a few bucks on copywriting is worth every penny.

Did you know, many copywriters have a niche? Something they have an interest in or a something they like writing. Most copywriters can turn their hand to different topics or writing styles but they have their speciality too.

My bag is copywriting for courageous, go-getting businesses who want to do things differently. Through conversational, clever, warm words I’ll help you win more customers, give back and show how much you value people, wellness and the planet.

I could write so much more on the benefits of copywriters simply because I know good ones kick ass.

I might not be your bag. That’s OK. Still give me a shout because I know plenty of amazing copywriters who’ll fit what you’re looking for.

If you’re convinced about the importance of copywriting for your business but you still want to give it a go and DIY it – here’s some suggestions of free mini courses to learn more:

Wondering what you’d expect to pay for a top-notch copywriter? Check it out here.

Are you ready to use a copywriter? Look no further. I’m right here. Right under your nose.

I have skills and know-how, a laptop and a fluffy cloud so wherever you are in the world, I’d love to work with you. Give me a shout!


Let me know if you’ve used a copywriter. How was it for you?