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for brands with heart and soul

Hi there change-maker.

Ready to kick butt with crack-a-lacking content

You’re my kind of human.

I write whizzy words for good causes and good people.

Saving you time. Helping you do what you do towards a better world.



You’re a force to be reckoned with. Ahead of the game.

People want brands to make a social or environmental impact. Give ’em what you got.

You work damn hard at what you do. You need a solid AF online presence to work just as hard.
Don’t take the oomph outta ya punch playing it safe.

I’m an ethical conversational copywriter. I use bold, personality-pumping, playful words to make cool stuff happen and champion your cause.

Break the mould. Stand up for change. Choose words that connect and respect your customers.
It’s tootin’ scootin’ time we kicked hard sell and sleazy sales tactics to the kerb. 

I work across the whole kit and caboodle of social justice.

Our world is changing. What you say matters.

Words that make them go Ooooo

A flicker. A moment. A few teeny tiny seconds to catch-their-eye.
Trillions of websites trying to grab human’s ever-wandering attention.

A split second is all it takes for someone to decide if they like you.
You want them to make a whip-cracking decision and fall head over heels at first sight.

Turn looky-loos into customers and sticky-beakers into buyers or bookings.

Inject life into your words. Turn content from complexity into simplicity.

Add a touch of playful personality and a whole lot of friendly to set their hearts a blazing.

Let’s make something special

Hi there. I’m Cal (she/her)

Eternal optimist | cake addict | justice activist | joy junkie | ethical, inclusive word-woman | flower-tattoo-fan.

My style is unpretentious, say-it-like-it-is (dead-honest) and down to earth.

I’m not so good at following rules and I rarely play it safe.

I take my words seriously. That doesn’t mean bland or boring-AF. No-one’s gonna hang around if what you say and how you say it is blah blah blah.

Working with e-commerce change makers and movers and shakers makes me shnizzle with the drizzle (aka happy). ‘specially when we’re challenging the status quo, thinking outside the box and having fun.

Itching to make change and work together?

I’d be thrilled to bits and pieces to work with you.

I recently worked with Cal on a highly sensitive copywriting project. I needed someone I could trust, who had the know how to write a carefully structured diversity policy, cognisant of the various pitfalls and issues involved.
She was a delight to work with, affable, efficient, always willing to take on board feedback and provided a super polished end product. I’d work with her again in a shot!

Kate Toon
Founder, The Clever Copywriting School


Let’s work together



Incorporate social goodness into your words and content with ethical and inclusive copywriting



Words for about pages, packaging, product descriptions, or the whole website kit and caboodle



Never miss another clickety click to buy with words that bring your products and emails to life

Your money makes a difference

Right down to my core, I’m a huge fan of socially minded businesses who do good in the world. And those who stand up and speak out.

Everyone should be free to grow, have a voice and live their dreams safely and happily.

I’m with you. Making a difference. Having the important, sometimes difficult conversations for change.

Every year I give more than 50% of my profit smackeroonies to ethical causes that sweep me off my feet. I spend the bucks on snazzy small purpose-driven brands doing good in the world.

I read over the copy many, many, many times and while I loved it the first time, it just gets better and better each time I read it! I am truly ecstatic – it’s all 100% on the mark.

Emma Lunardi
Founder, Hot Property Copy

Some of the amazing people I’ve worked with:

Logo Anna Rogan


I’m honoured you’re checking me out. Take your pick – call me, text me, message me, email me, schmooze me, do an interpretive dance or break into Rihanna’s lyrics.

Whatever way you choose – I can’t wait to hear from you.

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I acknowledge and celebrate that I live, work and play on the lands of the Ngunnawal people and the lands of the oldest living culture known to the world.

I honour this privilege and responsibility with respect, humility and curiosity. I appreciate the wisdom, diversity and innovation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of seeing and being, and their elders past and present. Always was. Always will be.

Diversity is a key part of our history, culture, and identity. I support work across the whole kit and caboodle of social impact. From humanity to the planet and everything in between. I stand with Black Lives Matter.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware this website may contain images or names of people who have passed away.