About me. My backstory.

Deep in my soul is the burning need to speak the truth.

I lived my teenage years through 70s-80s Britain. Strikes. Picket lines. Racial tensions. Uprisings. High unemployment.

I didn’t fit the perfect box. I rebelled.

I became a punk. Torn clothes, studs and safety pins. Coloured hair shaved into a mohawk. Piercings in places that were never meant to be pierced.

No-one could see me. Not truly.

Pushed to one side. I was beaten, broken, disillusioned.

Discarded like the toy of a spoiled child.

I had something to say. But no-one listened.

I knew I wasn’t alone.

Millions of people are ignored. Misunderstood. Mistreated.

I became resilient. Strong. Courageous.

 I spoke out.

I can’t stand by and watch injustice. I won’t become part of the problem. Being neutral only helps the oppressor. I stand for what’s right.

I earned myself a sparkly B.A. And a few years later, a dazzling M.A. I bagged the professional job. A few rules got broken along the way. A few boundaries got pushed.

A lot of laughs out loud.

Every day my heart led me to do what was right.

 And still I rise.

My humble contribution to the world is why I do what I do.

I write words that inspire people to take action. To be heard. To make them chuckle.

Fancy schmancy language turns your customers away. They don’t want poetry and performance.

They don’t want to be manipulated or triggered unconsciously into buying.

They want to know you. They want to trust you. They want to connect with you.

They want to listen as you speak your truth.

Let me help you speak your truth

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